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From the President's Desk

August 20, 2019

Hello Cousins,


We have a lot going on in the State. With the 84th Congress just over 6 weeks away and registrations due in 3rd of September, this President’s Note has a lot of Congress and non-Congress topics to cover.


Top of my list is a big thank you to Courtney Reilly. Courtney has consented to be State Treasurer for the 2019 – 2021 term.  She is the daughter of our beloved Judi Adams, State Corresponding Secretary. Like Judi, Courtney is a member of the Fort Caroline Chapter. I know with Judi’s help and the help from our Associate State Treasure Brett Brown, Courtney will do an outstanding job.


The National 84th Congress is being held on October 5 – 7, 2019 in Kissimmee, FL at the Embassy Suites Lake Buena Vista South.  The “Convention Call” is posted in the Fall 2019 Cross of Languedoc, which you recently received, starting on page 9. If you need the information and don’t have the magazine, let me know so I can get you on the mailing list. There is a link on the national webpage along with all the back issues. http://www.huguenot.netnation.com/Cross_of_Languedoc/Fall2019.pdf  We hope you will attend as Florida is the Host State. We are meeting the 1st weekend in October 4 - 7, 2019 – Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday morning are the events.  The 84th Congress is most of the day Saturday, October 5. The formal gala is Friday Evening, October 4. If you can only attend a limited time, these are the two events to attend. The registration information is also posted on the National website, on the events tab http://www.huguenot.netnation.com/events/Call_to_84th_Congress_Fall_2019.pdf

DEADLINE for Congress registration is September 3



Ask the President

1. Who can attend (the Congress) what meetings and events? Here is the short answer.  In the Huguenot Society, the only closed meetings or events are board meetings / or board dinners; Chapter, State, or National level. Everything else is open. We love members, spouses, family, prospective members, and guests. Our only request - everyone in attendance understand we are a heraldry society. We are non-political. We support the protestant faith, but we do not bash or degrade; we uplift and encourage. We are all about family, family history, and learning.


2. What do I wear to the different Congress events?

  • Wine Bar George is business dress casual. Polo shirts are fine; open dress shirts; no tie - fine; dressy jeans fine. [Name Tag Required]

  • Morse Museum is casual. No flip flops / no shorts; Jeans are okay. Nice t-shirts are okay. [Name Tag Required]

  • Citrus Club is semi-formal. Men are required jacket and tie. Ladies are required dresses. [Name Tag Required, Place Card Table Tent]

  • Congress business meetings / luncheon – formal business [Name Tag, Place Card & Full Heraldry Regalia if you were the regalia is Required]

  • Congress dinner at Kyng's Grill in the Embassy Suites – informal business – open collar jacket men, dresses or pant suits women [Name Tag Required]

  • All Saints Lutheran Church – Sunday best [No Name Tag]


3. Who can wear Sunbursts? I understand rules were changed a couple of years ago and now current State Presidents can also wear Sunbursts as well as current and past National officers. Is this true? Yes, this is true and once awarded a sunburst you have your sunburst at a national level for life. If you are a past State President [need to verify] [I don’t know that you get to keep it] We will tell everyone apart with the Sunbursts and their name badges. This year, I have been working with Janet Walker, the 1st Vice President General. Name badges will have ribbons to further define individuals in attendance. This year is an experiment and we will see how it goes.

Are there still two sized of sunburst, one for National officers and one for the current and former National President General? Yes, and the President General is for life.


National Huguenot Society 3" Sunburst.

Gold Filled Emblem on Silver Plated Sunburst

For President General and Honorary President General Only






National Huguenot Society 2” Sunburst

Gold Filled Emblem on Silver Plated Sunburst

For State Presidents and National Officers Only




4. I do not want my member information in the new directory. National member information is not published or sold. It does help verify that National has your current information. If you pass it helps the assorted Chaplains file all of the paperwork. [Yes – we have files to close when you pass.] There had been member discussion in the Chapters about not wanting all or parts of your information published in the new National directory. I took the concern to the National mid-year meeting in April. They heard the concern.  If you do not want all or parts of your information published in the directory, the current addition of the Cross tells who to contact and how to have your need met. http://www.huguenot.netnation.com/Cross_of_Languedoc/Fall2019.pdf

Page 16 or follow the following: NOTICE: ANYONE WHO DOES NOT WANT ALL OR PART OF THIS INDIVIDUAL INFORMATION TO BE PUBLISHED, PLEASE CONTACT Mary Margaret Buck, at jaymarbuck@hotmail.com, or 901-233-4370 (cell).



Scholarship Winners

**The National Scholarship winner is a Florida Huguenot / Student! AKA one of US!



The National Scholarship Committee selected Markus Dangl, a member in good standing of the Huguenot Society of Florida our winner for the year 2019. Markus Dangl is a graduate of Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL), graduating Summa Cum Laude, in May 2018. He is currently a first year law student at the Florida State University College of Law. After his first semester he achieved a 3.71 GPA and is currently ranked 33 out of a class of 212 students in his class. Our congratulations and very best wishes to Markus Dangl!


The 2019 Allen - Parker Florida State Scholarship Winners Are:


Markus J. Dangl - Florida State University College of Law

Markus is a second-year law student. Markus is a repeat recipient and is the grandson of dear cousin Ed Neugaard.  Both are members of our Coligny Chapter.


Olga R. Intriago-Godwin - University of Central Florida

Olga is a major is musical theatre and a first-time recipient. Olga is the granddaughter of Claude Godwin and daughter of Ashley Intriago. Both are members of our Fort Caroline Chapter. 


Hunter G. Reilly - Florida State College of Jacksonville

Hunter is a physics major and a first-time recipient. Hunter is the son of the lovely Courtney Reilly, State Treasure, and grandson of our beloved Judi Adams, State Corresponding Secretary, and both are members of our Fort Caroline Chapter. 




Cousin Audrey Peacock passed 18 July 2019 in Bradenton, Florida. Audrey was a longtime, active member of the Jean Calvin Chapter. Audrey was laid to rest July 25, 2019 at in Bay Pines National Cemetery, St. Petersburg, FL with her husband, Major David R. Peacock.  There will be a formal memorial service in September. More details to follow as they become available.  Audrey had been active on the State level 2003-2016 then medical issues started to impact her life and affected her chapter and state work. We pray and support her two nieces, Deborah Wilson of Plano, TX, Donna Sensabaugh of Midlothian, VA and her nephew, David Pultz of Baton Rouge, LA as they go through this transition time.



From National

The NHS Nominating Committee Report from Janet Walker, Corresponding Secretary General, (1st Vice President General) & (Rising President General). It is provided below for all member to review prior to Congress. 



NHS Nominating Committee Report

(* FL President’s Note – the committee must include one current member of the National board and one former President General.)




Nancy Watson (TX)

Jo Lee Potts (FL)

Kathy Machmer (AZ)

Janet Walker (GA)

Janice Lorenz (Honorary Past President Gen)



President General- Janet Walker (GA)

Vice President General- Mary Margaret Buck (MS)

2nd Vice President General- Jo Lee Potts (FL)

3rd Vice President General- Marjorie Wilson (GA)

Chaplain General- Joel Strauch (VA)

Recording Secretary General-Noella Oberlin (TN)

Corresponding Secretary General- Nancy Schultz (IL)

Organizing Secretary General- Kathy Machmer (AZ)

Treasurer General- Christine Crossan (DE)

Registrar General- Bill Buell (TX)

Historian General- Martha Ann Whitt (AL)

Counselor General- Cathy Paunov (FL)

Genealogist General- Nancy Brennan (TX)


(Out of 13 offices, we have 10 different states represented. I think that is great!!)

(* FL President’s Note – your Florida VP was already on the board. Now your Florida VP and President will be on the board.  Florida represents almost 10% of the National Huguenot membership. This will give you a strong voice at the table.)


Our Bylaws state that the slate must be sent out to our members ahead of Congress.


Section D   Committee on Nominations

 1.     At the Annual Congress in each even-numbered year, a Committee on Nominations shall be constituted, consisting of the following five (5) persons, whose previous consent has been obtained:

a.        The most recently elected Honorary President General or, in the event of his unavailability, the most recent of his predecessors who is available to serve.

b.       One member to be chosen by the Board of General Officers from among its own number.

c.        One member to be chosen by the presidents of the State Member Societies from among their number.

d.       Two members to be elected by the Annual Congress, one of whom shall be from a state west of the Mississippi River, and one from a state east of it.

2.       The Committee on Nominations shall elect its own chairman.

3.       It shall be the duty of this committee to nominate a candidate for each office that is to be filled at the next Annual Congress. No person, who has not previously consented in writing to serve if elected, shall have his name placed in nomination.

4.       The report of the Committee on Nominations shall be transmitted to the President General and the Corresponding Secretary General at least six (6) weeks prior to the date fixed for the convening of the Annual Congress at which elections are to be held, and copies of this report shall be sent by the Corresponding Secretary General to members of the Board of General Officers and to the president of each State Member Society at least four (4) weeks before the convening of the said Congress.

5.       Nominations from the floor of the Annual Congress for any General Officer position are permitted, provided that (cf. Article VI, Section B.) the person being nominated from the floor shall have consented in writing or in person at the time of nomination, to serve if elected.



Fund Raisers

We have lapel pins for sale.  Cost is $5.00 each. Judi Adams has the pins and the profits go to the State Scholarship fund. Chapter Presidents – these make a great gift for chapter members.


There will be National Bags and scarfs on sale at Congress.



Upcoming Events

Keep open the April 25, 2020 for our State Meeting. It is Ernst D’Erlach’s turn. Stay tuned for further details. This fact missed the State meeting minutes April 6, 2019.



In Conclusion

I think this covers everything for now. It is a busy time is Florida. Lots going on at all levels of the organization. Please reach out with questions, comments, or concerns. Your State Board Members / Officers are here to help.



Jo Lee Potts – President – Huguenot Society of Florida / 2nd Vice President General Elect


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