President's Thoughts - We are working behind the scenes


Greetings Cousins - Happy Corona 19. 


Although we have not been able to meet in person, your State Officers have been very busy. I wish I had a crystal ball and could tell you when this would end, but I can't.

So what are we doing?


Our Admiral Coligny Chapter added 2 new members in 2019 and 3 in 2020 plus 2 new junior members.


Our Fort Caroline Chapter has added 2 new members.


2020 Scholarship winners will be announced soon. We have the smartest kids! Stay tuned as we publish information about our recipients on the site.


We have had three deaths this year to report.

 Col. Edward D. Sullivan - long time active member of the

         Louis DuBois Chapter passed in March.  

Cynthia Van Buren - Historian of the Louis DuBois

         Chapter passed in May.

Alice Hornback - long time active member and most

          resent past Treasure of the Jean Calvin Chapter

          passed in June. Ted, Alice's husband of 63 years is

          also a full member and past Treasure of the Jean

          Calvin Chapter

As we know, none of these were Covid-19 related.

Please remember these these members and their families in your prayers. We commend their souls into the ever lasting arms of our Lord and Savior.   


Some Thing New:

I am setting up a training session / training sessions with all Chapter Presidents. They will have a choice of two different virtual platforms, WebEx or Zoom for hosting Chapter Meetings, assuming that Chapters cannot or chose not to meet in person. No issue ever stopped a good Huguenot. This will not stop us.


I am setting up some on-line workshops in the fall that will run through our website. Bare with me. I am train-able. Shooting the video is not the issue. Setting up the "members only area" of the web page is my issue. If you know how to do this and you want to give me a hand, give me a call.


The Membership directory will be coming out soon. The Fleu-De-Lis Chapter in Miami has moved into the disbanded phase. We need our Board Member's vote at our next meeting to move the funds and paperwork to the State Offices. This Chapter will stay in the disbanded state until new leadership steps forward to reform the Chapter within the next 5 years, or at 5 year, the Chapter will move to full closure. Once we have all of the members moved, to their new Chapters the new directory will be out. We're close on releasing the updated directory.


When the Members Only Page(s) area is running, it is my intention to keep a current copy of the Directory on the website, a copy of the State By-Laws & Standing Rule, Current Fee Schedules, and some of the on-line video training.


Many things going on behind the scenes as we work on goals and projects starting in the fall. 


Stay safe, be smart.

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