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National Huguenot Society

Application Guidelines

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18 February 2019

For State Registrars

ENSURE THAT: Every entry made on the application is supported by documentary proof.  

If documentary proof is lacking but entry can be inferred, there must be an explanation for the inference, otherwise, the entry should be left blank. 

DATES are formatted as day Month, year, e.g. 19 Oct 2012.  When a date is inferred or calculated, asterisk it and underproof explain the origin. (* per age at death, * per age of the eldest child, * per 1860 census, etc)

PLACES  show Town, County, State whenever possible. (e.g. San Antonio, Bexar, TX) 
ITEMS on proof documents are underlined in red (birth date, name of the parent, death date, etc).  Items on proof documents are not to be highlighted.

The GENERATION NUMBER is written in the upper right-hand corner of each Proof Document. 

PROOF DOCUMENTS MUST BE CLEARLY LEGIBLE!  Difficult to read documents, need to be accompanied by a transcription. 

Birth Certificates; Marriage Licenses/Certificates; Death Certificates; Wills; Deeds; Probate Records; 
Inventories; Family Bibles; Census Records; Documents executed at the time of the event; Pension Documents; Newspaper Obituaries; Tombstone Records; Family & County Histories & Genealogies (with source bibliographies or citations); Approved National Huguenot Society Applications.

Pages from books, journals and registers, require a copy of the front matter to be attached (title page and or frontispiece, showing author, publisher, date). 

LINEAGES accepted by any Society, other than the National Huguenot Society,  are not valid proof to establish a line of descent and are Unacceptable. 

AN EXPLANATORY NOTE (aka Analysis) of the evidence inferring the linkage, may suffice when a clear and evident linkage does not exist, but compelling evidence of the linkage does. 

PROOF OF HUGUENOT ANCESTOR: Applicants need to use scanned pages from the  2012 edition of “The Register of Qualified Huguenot Ancestors of The National Huguenot Society” or the Consolidated Update of 2016, as their proof documents for their Huguenot Ancestor, and children listed therein.   

USING AN APPROVED HUGUENOT SOCIETY APPLICATION AS A PROOF DOCUMENT. Copy entries from the approved application to the new application verbatim.  However, under the proof section of the application, do not copy proof the entries.   Instead, the new application Proof should read “Approved NHS Application #(application member number), Gen # (generation number from the approved application.)

PROVING A NEW HUGUENOT ANCESTOR:  In the event, the ancestor is not listed in the "Register of Qualified Ancestors", the applicant will have to submit sufficient documentary evidence to prove beyond a doubt that the ancestor is a Huguenot.  That the ancestor “is said to be a Huguenot” is not sufficient proof. Since we will need to develop a profile on the new ancestor, the applicant needs to include, with his/her proof documents, as much as possible relevant to the new ancestor, birth, death, marriage(s), including everything about the ancestor’s children, and if possible even grandchildren.

For State Registrars
I encourage State Registrars to call or email me if you have a question or a problem and I will try to help!
When you have an application that is ready to be sent to me, check to be sure that the ZIP includes the last 4 digits, e.g. 78209-3318.  (This is important because the postal service needs it to deliver our Cross of Languedoc magazine, which goes out by bulk mail)

Send two (2) copies of the signed application, printed on legal size paper (8.5" X 14.0"), as a legal size document.  Each of the 4 pages to be printed separately (this is so that in the event of a fatal flaw on pages 2 or 3, we can fix it without requiring pages 1 and 2 to be re-signed by the applicant). 

 Send one (1) one copy of each proof document,  on letter size paper (8.5" X 11.0").  These documents will not be returned so you should advise the applicant to keep a copy of his/her proofs.  *[NOTE IN FLORIDA WE NEED 2 COPIES AS 1 COPY GOES TO NATIONAL AND 1 COPY STAYS HERE IN OUR STATE FILES.]


William C. Buell V 

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