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The History of The Huguenot Society of Florida

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The Huguenot Society of Florida was formed in 1952. In 1954 the State Society and the State Chapters that subsequently formed are tax-exempt under the provisions of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


The Huguenot Society of Florida is a Member Society of the National Huguenot Society.

The objects of this Florida Society are patriotic, religious, historical, and educational. Its design is to perpetuate the memory, the spirit, and the deeds of the men and women in France called Huguenots who, because of persecution there on account of the basic tenets of their faith and their devotion to liberty, emigrated either directly or through other countries to North America and contributed by their character and ability to the development of the United States of America.

To achieve this object, the Huguenot Society of Florida aims specifically –

  1. To perpetuate the memory and to promote the principles and virtues of the Huguenots;

  2. To commemorate the great events in their history;

  3. To collect and preserve historical data and relics illustrative of Huguenot life, manners, and customs;

  4. To encourage the social fellowship of Americans of Huguenot descent;

  5. To encourage the research and preparation of papers and manuscripts relating to the settlement of the Huguenots in the United States of America, their biographies, public acts and influence upon society, and to present these papers and manuscripts at meetings.

In conformity with ARTICLE III, Section C, 1, of the Bylaws of the National Huguenot Society, "Persons wishing to become Regular Members shall be of the Protestant faith, sixteen (16) years of age or older, who adhere to the Huguenot principles of faith and of liberty and who are lineally descended in the male or female line from –


  1. A Huguenot without regard to ethnic origin or adherence to any particular sect of Protestantism, who, subsequent to 10 December 1520 and prior to the promulgation on 28 November 1787 of the Edict of Toleration, emigrated to North America or some other country; or

  2. A Huguenot who, in spite of religious persecution, remained in France. (The word "France" in this section shall mean any territory lying within the Kingdom of France on the date of the promulgation of the Edict of Toleration, 28 November 1787.)"

Each State Society has its own customs and traditions. In Florida, starting in 2009, officially tagged by our then President Linda Smith, we became "The Cousins".


Come join us. We have a past, but it is not nearly as much fun as the future we are always creating. Come join us. We are waiting for you for our present & future!


The Admiral Coligny Chapter was organized 12 May 1973

The Ernst D'Erlach Chapter was organized originally 1973 disbanded 2001-2003 and re-organized 24 May 2003   

The Fleur De Lis Chapter was organized 22 Sept 1973 and is currently in a disbanded state. Its members joined the Louis DuBois Chapter.

The Fort Caroline Chapter was organized in June 1981.

The Jean Calvin Chapter was organized in October 1979.  In 2004 the Henry of Navarre Chapter disbanded and joined this Chapter. In 2008 the Henry of Navarre Chapter reopened and in 2011 disbanded again and rejoined this chapter. 

The Louis DuBois Chapter was organized in 1983. In 2020 the Fleur De Lis Chapter moved into a "dark state". Fleur De Lis, if they chose may stay with Louis DuBois or reform within 5 years.

Inactive Chapters:

Bourbon Princess de Conde

Organized: 23 January 1982

Disbanded: 1998

Henry of Navarre

Organized: 11 January 1977

Disbanded: 2011

My ancestor was a member in the State of Florida, may I obtain a copy of their records?  Yes 

What if the chapter is inactive or disbanded? Yes

If you are a direct relative: child, grandchild, great-grandchild ... you may access the records without issue.

If you are not a direct relative:

a. then the member must have passed and it must be 75 years after their passing

b. you must have permission from a direct descendant

c.  we will not release the three most recent generations


The registrar has a copy of their membership paperwork, the State Registrar has a copy of any past or present member, and the National Registrar General has a secondary copy.   Copy and postage fees will apply.


Huguenot Society of Florida, INC - Past Presidents

* Freda Walz                                            1952-1957

* Bertha W. Colestock                          1957-1959

* Eliza McDole                                         1959-1961

* Martha R. Tinsley                                 1961-1963

* Martha S. Ford                                      1963-1965

* Louise P. Moe                                        1966-1966

* Eliza McDole                                         1967-1967

* Olive M. Holland                                  1967-1969

* Dorothy V. Boggs                                 1969-1971

* Muriel W. Pierce                                   1971-1973

* Cdr. George E. Morris, Jr.                   1973-1975

* Eleanor H. Balfe                                   1975-1977

* Robert B. Reed                                     1977-1979

* Jane H. Davis                                         1979-1981

* Sidney S. King, Jr.                                 1981-1983

* J. Alan Cross                                          1983-1985

* Karlene W. Darling                              1985-1987

* Willard I. Staples                                 1987-1989

* John Waring                                          1989-1991

   Lillian H. Swingle                                1991-1993

*  Margaret Grundman                          1995-1997

* Olin S. Wright, Jr.                                  1997-1999

* Dr. Donald A. Randolph                     1999-2000

  Roberta Somach                                   2001-2003

* Alvin Abbott                                           2003-2004

* Keith R. Haygood                                 2004-2005

* Robert E. Burt                                        2005-2009

   Linda L. Smith                                       2009-2013

   Edward J. Neugaard                           2013-2014

* David J. Bahn                                         2014-2019

   Jo Lee Brooks Potts                            2019-2023

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