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Huguenot Places Around the USA Worth The Visit



  • The Huguenot neighborhood in New York City's borough of Staten Island, straddling Huguenot Avenue. This was another Huguenot settling area in New York.

  • The Manakintown Church serves as a National Huguenot Memorial. It was a town established by the English as town for Huguenots as a settlement but was intended to serve as a  barrier between the Native Americans and the settlers who had made their homes in Richmond, VA.

  • New Rochelle, New York, named for the city of La Rochelle, a known former Huguenot stronghold in France. This was the main Huguenot settling area and best known in New York.

  • Walloon Settlers Memorial (located in Battery Park) is a monument given to the City of New York by the Belgian Province of Hainaut in honor of the inspiration of Jessé de Forest in founding New York City. Baron de Cartier de Marchienne, representing the government and Albert I, King of Belgium, presented the monument to Mayor John F. Hylan, for the City of New York 18 May 1924.


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