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Huguenot Society of Florida

Website Privacy Policy

Dear Website User,

Privacy Policies are legally required around the globe to inform you, our user, of the information we collect and do not collect when you visit our website.


For websites that collect, process, and use your data substantially, posting the regulations and their compliance methods are critical.  Below is all we need to post for us to comply with the privacy communication requirements.

We are the Huguenot Society of Florida and we want you to visit our site. We want you to be an informed user and feel we are providing you full transparency. We use a hosting service WIX LLC, and we are staffed by volunteers. Plain and simple English.

Our website host WIX uses cookies (electronic tick marks) to track the number of times you visit our site. We can ask them to gather more information about you when you visit, but we don't need it.

  • We cannot see you, where you live, or your personnel/private information.

  • We do not sell any information.

  • All we want to know is are you new to our site or are you a repeat visitor.

You can decline the cookie and still visit our site as many times as you like.  Please visit often.

We use the information from the cookie to determine how our site performs and to increase the usefulness of the information provided.

That’s it. For questions on this or any other Huguenot Society of Florida topic, please feel free to drop us a note via the Message on our Huguenot Society of Florida Home Page.


© Huguenot Society of Florida    2 Sept 2020

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