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Upcoming Events

The 2020 Florida State Meeting



  1. Everyone must Pre-Register with the State President at for the Sixty-Seventh Annual State (Mini-Meeting) a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the Zoom Video Call. We need time to set up your Zoom and email you the National By-Law changes.

  2. Logging in and registration begins at 9:00 am and closes at 9:45 am. From 9:00 am until 9:45 individuals will be recognized by the State President through the “Waiting Room”. At 9:45, the mute comes off for a 15 minute “free for all”. At 10:00, everyone goes to mute except the speaker(s) as recognized by the State President. Individuals not in the Waiting Room by 9:45 am will not be in the meeting at 10:00. The 15-minute window is needed to credential, setup the membership voting, and fully admit the membership.

  3. Call to Order – 10:00 a.m. – State President: Jo Lee Potts

        National Huguenot Congress 2020 will be Virtual October 6, 2020 - More details to follow as

              they become available. All Huguenot members and guests are welcome


  • 2021 Florida State Annual Meeting will be February 6, 2021. Location to-be-determined. Ernst D’Erlach will still be the host chapter. We might still be virtual.

  • 2021 Spring National Huguenot Meeting is tentative – Washington, D. C. April 14, 2021. Location TBD. Most likely will be at the Army/Navy Club.

  • 2021 National Congress - Will be first week of October 2021 in Charlottesville, VA

Check back for more information about the planned activities and events.

Check out the following websites:

DoubleTree Orlando Airport Suites by Hilton Orlando for the April 2020 event.

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