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Famous People of Huguenot Descent

How Many Do You Know?

Elias Boudinot, President of the Continental Congress

Eight American Presidents

  1. George Washington

  2. Ulysses S. Grant

  3. Franklin D. Roosevelt

  4. Theodore Roosevelt

  5. William Taft

  6. Harry Truman

  7. Gerald Ford

  8. Lyndon Johnson - had significant proven Huguenot ancestry

First Ladies

  1. Martha Washington

  2. Eleanor Roosevelt

Arts and entertainment

Entrepreneurs and businesspeople


  • Tom Brokaw (b. 1940), American television journalist, author

  • Frank Deford (1938-2017), American sportswriter



Politics and Government

  • James Bowdoin, Governor of Massachusetts

  • James Bowdoin III, American statesman, philanthropist, benefactor of Bowdoin College

  • Bryant Butler Brooks, Governor of Wyoming

  • William Byrd I, early Virginia settler

  • Johannes de la Montagne, physician of New Amsterdam and Vice-Director of New Netherland

  • James DeLancey, Governor of New York

  • Isaac De Riemer, Mayor of New York City

  • Louis Dubois, colonist to New Netherland, co-founded New Paltz, New York

  • Mareen Duvall, early Maryland settler

  • ​Alonzo Garcelon, Governor of Maine

  • Al Gore, former Vice-President of the United States

  • ​George Izard, Major General and Governor of Arkansas

  • Ralph Izard, US Senator, President pro tempore of US Senate

  • Robert M. La Follette Sr., Senator from Wisconsin, co-founder of the Progressive Party

  • Hester Mahieu, wife of Francis Cooke, captain of the Mayflower, daughter of French-speaking Calvinists Jacques and Jenne/Jeanne Mahieu

  • Gouverneur Morris, an American statesman, represented Pennsylvania in the Constitutional Convention

  • Sarah Palin, American politician, Governor of Alaska, US presidential candidate

  • Daniel Perrin, one of the first permanent European inhabitants of Staten Island, New York

  • George Poindexter, US Congressman

  • Daniel Roberdeau, Congressman, militia general

  • Theodore Runyon, American lawyer, politician, Civil War general, New Jersey court judge, first US ambassador to Germany

  • William Nelson Runyon, American lawyer, politician, Governor of New Jersey

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